Future Fortunes
Pop-up, Experience /2017

Project done together with Bettina Schwalm as Present–Futures

‘Future Fortunes’ – Planning For Chance

Fortune is something that happens by luck or chance, and is out of an individual’s control. Just like when breaking open a fortune cookie, the message inside can never be predicted. But if you could forecast your future by stating your fortune, would it be possible to reverse engineer a path back to the present where you would see that fortune come true?

This is a project that asks the not-so-ridiculous question of ‘what fortune do you wish to see in your future?’.  If you believe enough in the legitimacy of your own claim, then why shouldn’t everyone else believe in it too?

We are here to help you plan for chance, so:
“Break cookie in case of emergency”. The rest is up to you.

All Images and Content Copyright Daniel Daam–Rossi 2020